Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Update

The clouds parted, the sun shone, and Ann Bremer managed to secure a spot in the coveted intensive novel writing class when another student dropped out after two weeks!  Woo hoo!  It was a scramble to get there every week, but now that it's over, I'm happy to say I got a lot written and received some really helpful feedback.  My brain is still working through it all, but I'm much closer to having a finished manuscript than I was before.

And I started working on my resume and job search.  My resume is extremely anemic.  What have I been doing for the last 18 years?  Do you think anyone will be impressed that I can change a diaper with my eyes closed?  I'm still in the market for a bookkeeping job that pays $500 an hour.  If you know anyone who's hiring at that rate, give them my name.

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