Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Band concert

There's a high school band concert tonight.  The 10th graders are dedicating their portion of the concert to Mark.

This should have been one of those days when I rush around making sure everything is in order and everyone gets where they need to go--band uniform pieces all present and accounted for, dinner served early, get Mark to the high school early, run to the junior high for a quick meeting, back to the high school for the concert.

I'm not at the high school band concert.  I'm here at home crying, crying as hard as I did the day he died, asking questions with no answers.

Mark was buried in his band uniform pants because they were the only dress pants he had that fit.  I never did hem them.

This is only the beginning.  What am I going to do on the night the class of 2017 graduates?

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  1. Ann, I have a senior at HHS and she has struggled with depression from an early age. I wanted you to know I appreciate your posts and your honesty. Although I do not know you or did not know your son, I am truly sorry for your suffering. I will pray for healing for whatever that is.