Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rotting Vegetables

Another cucumber went bad in my fridge.

It's a symptom of my brain not working.
It's evidence of my inability to plan meals and execute that plan.
I forget. I forget that I have fresh vegetables. I buy fresh vegetables like I used to, before when my brain worked, when my brain had room, room for things like a mental inventory of the fresh fruits and vegetables in my fridge.

I'm at the store nearly every day buying that day's dinner ingredients because I can't plan ahead. But some days I get overconfident. I buy like I used to, but I have no plan, and so I forget.

There's asparagus in there, too. I was going to make it the same day I bought it, but when I got home, I forgot. We had leftovers and hot dogs for dinner that night. Now the asparagus is limp.

Grief lives in my refrigerator as rotting vegetables.

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