(Originally published as a semi-finalist in The Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge Collection ebook, By Kobo Writing Life Team and Jeffrey Archer, Kobo Writing Life Collection, 2013)

From the Kobo ebook synopsis:
Even in only 100 words, an author can create a whole narrative arc – a proper story with a beginning, a middle and an end. This exercise is a favourite one of international bestselling author Jeffrey Archer, and one that Curtis Brown Creative and Kobo Writing Life adapted into an exciting challenge for Kobo Writing Life authors.

The 24 stories in this eBook include "Unique" written by Jeffrey Archer, the 20 stories from the semi-finalists in the Jeffrey Archer Short Story Challenge plus an additional 3 stories that are included as honourable mentions. The 20 semi-finalists represent the best of approximately 1000 stories submitted by Kobo Writing Life authors as part of this contest.

By Ann Bremer

Cold, dark and gray. His face the same color as the sky. Penzy didn't want him to die, but she stood as frozen as the snow under her feet.
"Looks like a heart attack," said the man next to her. "Does anyone know CPR?"
I'm already late, she thought pulling her scarf over her mouth and nose.  She took two steps back then turned and ran to catch the 9:05 train.
Penzy Simpson's interview went well. "You can start next week," said the round faced woman behind the desk. "We need good nurses like you."

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